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2022 | Skiing for men | Freeride

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Our quintessential powder ski, the HOG'SBACK is inspired by one of the Chic-Chocs' finest skiable mountains, Mount Hog's Back, and more specifically its most popular descent, the Grand Couloir.

These skis are straight out of the freeride movement. Rockers in the tips and heels guarantee maximum flotation during big runs, while the standard camber means you won't end up on your back when conditions are less favorable!

Dimensions / Radius

171 cm
138-112-126 mm
R - 17 m
178 cm
138-112-126 mm
R - 19 m
186 cm
138-112-126 mm
R - 21 m
192 cm
138-112-126 mm
R - 23.5 m



3.4 KG (pair of 178 cm)

Camber profile

Hybrid design (standard camber + tip rocker).

  • Floatation maximized by 375 mm rocker at tips.
  • 250 mm heel rocker
  • Optimized edging thanks to standard 50 mm camber under
    the foot.

    Standard sandwich construction

    • Durable, impact-resistant nylon topsheet.
    • Triaxial fiber box for torsional rigidity and progressive flexibility.
    • Laminated poplar core from the Rimouski region.
    • Sidewall for rapid edge response.
    • Anti-vibration strips for better control.
    • Profile 39 steel edges.
    • Structured polyethylene agglomerate base with stone finish for better wax retention and glide.
    • Heel protector for optimum protection and solid support of climbing skins.

    Ski name Turn radius Measurements: Spatula - skate-heel Cambers
    Mounting point (from heel)
    Hog's back 171 17 meters 138-112-126 3 77cm
    Hog's Back 178 19 meters 138-112-126 3.5 80cm
    Hog's Back 186 21 meters 139-112-127 4 84cm
    Hog's Back 192 23.5 meters 140-112-128 4.5 87.5cm
    Owl 158 14 meters 123-95-111* 3 71cm
    Owl 166 15 meters 125-95-113 3 75cm
    Torngat 173 16.5 meters 125-95-113 3.5 79cm
    Torngat 181 18.5 meters 125-95-113 4 82cm
    Sig sog carbon 169 16.5 meters 133-105-122 3 76cm
    Sig sog carbon 176 18 meters 133-105-122 3.5 79cm
    Sig sog carbon 184 20 meters 133-105-122 4 82.5cm
    Goat 161 15.5 meters 132-105-120 3 72.5cm
    Goat 169 16.5 meters 133-105-122 3 76cm
    Goat 176 18 meters 133-105-122 3.5 79cm
    Sig sog 176 18 meters 133-105-122 3.5 79cm
    Sig sog 176 18 meters 133-105-122 3.5 79cm
    Sig sog 184 20 meters 133-105-122 4 82.5cm
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    What people say about our skis

    The Hog's back is my favorite ski!
    It offers a nice wide platform to float well in the powder.
    The wide front tips keep the ski out of the crazy snow.

    Great freeride ski!
    Perfect for the mountains of Canada's West Coast.

    It's also very versatile, allowing you to cope with changing conditions.

    An excellent product.
    Made in Quebec. 🙂


    ...I've had racing skis under my feet since I was a kid. That's why I was afraid that powder and touring skis would be soft, flat to ski on groomed runs, and that I'd only enjoy them in a snowstorm. I was afraid of nothing with the Sig Sog Carbon. The Sig Sog Carbon are beasts. They can take short radius turns at high speed just as well as big turns at high speed...

    JP Bernard

    With this width, some might be reluctant, but I assure you, it's much more maneuverable than it looks (and even rather light, too!).

    After 2 full seasons on this ski (and it's my only ski), I've skied it in every possible condition. Obviously it excels in the terrain it's designed for, powder, but you'll also be able to "Carver" it on groomed terrain with a bit of speed!

    And what's more, it's made in Quebec.

    Gabriel Pitre

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