Revelstoke, BC
Samuel Bélanger Dallaire

"Whether it's the pleasure of floating on powder, the adrenaline of launching yourself off cliffs or sharing moments of happiness with friends and my dog, every day in the mountains is a day when I feel like I belong."

Montreal, QC
Louis Beaupré

"What I love about the mountains is having the holy peace from the noise of the city and pushing my limits enough to be a little scared."

Cochrane, AB
Jeff McKeough

"My love of skiing began as a recreational pastime to help me cope with life's difficult events, but after spending several weeks interning at Ski Chic Chocs in 2019, I realized it was so much more. Skiing has become a way of life for me - it keeps me mentally and physically fit, and my best days are spent skiing with friends in good conditions, whatever the terrain."

Caplan, Qc
Sara Kim Bourdages

"I love skiing and going to the mountains for the silence, nature, scenery, adventure and fresh snow (cm++)."

Québec, Qc
Karine Gigniac

"I love winter, I love snow, I love to move, I love to have fun, I love to play outside with friends and après ski. I love being in the mountains and breathing in nature and being in 'airplane' mode as much as possible."

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