How are Xalibu skis made?

XALIBU skis are manufactured using sandwich technology. This ensures optimum transmission of energy from the skier to the edges, for maximum edge grip. This type of assembly ensures a longer ski life. It gives us the freedom to constantly improve our products.
The materials used are carefully selected by XALIBU. The core of the ski is laminated vertically for good stability against deformation. We prefer aspen for its long fiber length, which distributes the load more evenly, and for its lightness. The 2 mm edges are made of high-quality hardened steel of German origin. We use triaxial fiberglass in most of our models. This ensures good balance in both bending and twisting. The p-tex 4000 base offers excellent glide and is easy to repair. A nylon top-sheet or "cosmetic" for abrasion and tear resistance. The whole is laminated (sandwiched) in a heated hydraulic press, which optimizes the cohesion of the internal components and the high-quality epoxy resin.
The sublimation-printed graphics are created by Sébastien Larose and Alice Fleury for the "La Chèvre" model.
All conception and design is done in-house, which then entrusts production to UTOPIE mfg. All skis are inspected to ensure optimum quality.
We are constantly working on innovative projects.
  • Every year, we develop new ideas for future models.
  • We test our prototypes on outings and expeditions.
  • You might even have the chance to try them out at one of our events.