Sig Sog




The Sig Sog (Mi’kmaq name for the Chic-Chocs mountain range) is the most versatile ski in our range. It’s the perfect balance between the Hog’s Back and the Torngat.

With a width of 105 mm at the waist, this ski will propel you to the highest levels of happiness, since it will allow you to maneuver with ease and ease in all types of terrain you will encounter.

With its good torsional stiffness and semi-rocker design, you’ll never want to leave without it!

The Sig Sog is perfect for the inner explorer who wants a minimal weight ski for long approaches, but without compromising on performance!

Above all, don’t forget rope-ice axes-crampons to get your most memorable lines!

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Technical specifications

Dimensions / Radius

176 cm 131-105-120 mm R – 18 m
184 cm 131-105-121 mm R – 20 m


Weight : 3.2 kg (for 176 cm)

Camber Profile

Hybrid construction (traditional camber + tip and tail rocker)

  • Maximum flotation with a tip rocker of 366 mm.
  • Tail rocker of 240,7 mm
  • Great edging with 3,5 mm camber underfoot



Semi-cap Sandwich Construction

  • Durable nylon top sheet.
  • Triaxial casing for better torsional rigidity and progressive flex.
  • Core made out of poplar wood from Rimouski.
  • Sidewall construction for better edging.
  • Anti-vibration layers for better control and softer ride.
  • Steel edge made out of profile 39.
  • High end agglomerate bases with stone finish for better gliding and long lasting waxing.
  • Tip protector for better durability and secure grip for skins.

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