Kingpin 10 bindings

Kingpin 10 bindings

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About Marker Kingpin 10 bindings

The legendary Kingpin combines the lightweight ISI pin toe piece with an alpine heel piece including 0°/7°/13° climbing aid. This makes it very easy to walk on any terrain and ensures great descents with outstanding performance and top-level release functionality. The binding is therefore perfect for ambitious backcountry and freeride touring enthusiasts. A very stiff, carbon-reinforced front with an ISI toe piece makes the binding easier to step into, as a wide footprint with integrated stop automatically positions and aligns your boot. Kinematically optimised pin levers then allow the pins to snap shut with just a gentle push. The wide hole pattern and XXL power transmitters deliver the ultimate in direct power transmission for the utmost control and fun on the descent.


Rubber stop pad: Boot tip is aligned/stopped when stepping in.
Wider step-in platform: Enlarged contact area for boot sole when stepping in.
Easier step-in: Toe piece "snaps/clicks into the boot" with a lot less force required.

Anti-Ice Pads
Elastomer pads under the toe springs help prevent snow and ice buildup.

Carbon Reinforced PinTech Toe
Twin spring, with carbon fiber reinforced material for maximum stiffness and super light weight.

Kingpin Heel
The revolutionary heel construction for the Pin Technology bindings features wide sole contact points to deliver the kind of direct, lossless power transfer more frequently seen in alpine bindings. The KingPin heel is also many times safer than traditional Pin Technology bindings.

XXL Power Transmitter
Extra large power transmitters in the heel with reduced weight for minimum friction and maximum centering for the lateral movement of the heel.

Vertical and Lateral Adjustable Release Function
Vertical and lateral individually adjustable release in the heel for improved release functionality.

Kingpin Climbing Aids
The climbing aid offers two positions with 7° and 13° which can easily be accessed with the ski pole, even in an unstable standing position. Integrated elastomer pads dampen the impact reducing the irritating traditional "clack" and allow more comfortable hiking.

Requires Tech Fittings at the Toe and ISO 9523 Touring or ISO 5355 Alpine Heel Dimensions

Crampon Compatible
80, 90, 105, and 120 mm versions available separately.


  • Weight: 670 g (75-100 mm) 680 g (100-125 mm)
  • Din/ISO Range: 5.0 - 10.0
  • Stand height w/o ski: 21,5 mm
  • Walking modes: 0°, 7°, 13°
  • Heel adjustment range: 25 mm

Dimensions / Radius

R – 16.5m
R – 18.5m



3.0 KG (pair of 173 cm)

Camber profile

Hybrid design (standard camber + tip rocker).

  • Flotation maximized by a 362 mm rocker on the tips.
  • 223 mm heel rocker
  • Optimized edging by the standard 35 mm camber under

Semi-cap sandwich construction

  • Durable, impact-resistant nylon topsheet.
  • Triaxial fiber box for better torsional rigidity and progressive flexibility.
  • Laminated poplar heart, from the Rimouski region.
  • Sidewalls for rapid edge response.
  • Anti-vibration bands for better control.
  • Profile 39 steel edges.
  • Agglomerated polyethylene base structured with stone finish for better wax retention and better glide.
  • Heel protector for optimal protection and solid support for climbing skins.
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