Pomoca - Free Pro climbing skins

Pomoca - Free Pro climbing skins

2023 | Pomoca

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The phase of preparing a self-adhesive skin before using it can be very time-consuming and requires some technical skills. Pomoca's innovation department has developed the ready2climb concept, which allows you to prepare your skin without the need for technical tools. Thanks to the Click Lock system, the skin can be used for all types of skis. Pomoca provides a list of skis available on the market. So it's easy to find the self-adhesive skin that best suits your skis.

skin width
skin height
123 XS 10-0002812312 / XS
S 10-0002812312/S
M 10-0002812312/M
L 10-0002812312 / L
XL 10-0002812312 / XL
140 XS 10-0002814012 / XS
S 10-0002814012/S
M 10-0002814012/M
L 10-0002814012 / L
XL 10-0002814012 / XL

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The Hog's back is my favorite ski!
It offers a nice wide platform to float well in the powder.
The wide front tips keep the ski out of the crazy snow.

Great freeride ski!
Perfect for the mountains of Canada's West Coast.

It's also very versatile, allowing you to cope with changing conditions.

An excellent product.
Made in Quebec. 🙂


...I've had racing skis under my feet since I was a kid. That's why I was afraid that powder and touring skis would be soft, flat to ski on groomed runs, and that I'd only enjoy them in a snowstorm. I was afraid of nothing with the Sig Sog Carbon. The Sig Sog Carbon are beasts. They can take short radius turns at high speed just as well as big turns at high speed...

JP Bernard

With this width, some might be reluctant, but I assure you, it's much more maneuverable than it looks (and even rather light, too!).

After 2 full seasons on this ski (and it's my only ski), I've skied it in every possible condition. Obviously it excels in the terrain it's designed for, powder, but you'll also be able to "Carver" it on groomed terrain with a bit of speed!

And what's more, it's made in Quebec.

Gabriel Pitre

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